iPad / iPhone - Auto IKEv2 & L2TP

1. Download your Configuration Profile.

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IMPORTANT: Use Apple's default browser Safari.
Otherwise this download will fail to trigger the install sequence described below.

What is Configuration Profile?: Configuration Profile is data file (in XML format) with configuration information that can configure Apple iOS or Mac OS X device. Format of the file is Apple specific and works with Apple devices only.

Confirm the installation ...

Some iPads/iPhones may ask for PASSCODE

Note that Passcode is set by you to protect your device, and it is NOT your VPN-Password code.

Passcode is usually requested when unlocking your device.
Check Settings/Passcode to turn off/on passcode.
(more about Passcode here)

2. Activate your VPN Connection from: Settings / VPN

Once VPN is connected, simply load up the App of your choice. When your finished - open Settings / VPN and slide the Connection On/Off switch to Off.

Problems connecting? – Try both vpn connections: IKEv2 and L2TP.
If still having issues - try the alternative connection method below: