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iPad / iPhone - OpenVPN

1. Install OpenVPN Connect
On your device home screen tap the App Store icon and search for "openvpn".
Install OpenVPN Connect and Open it.
OpenVPN Connect is a free app - £0.00

2. Agree to the License Terms and Start Configuring OpenVPN Connect

Enter in the URL field as shown below.


3. Import Configuration Profile

Enter your VPN-Username and VPN-Password as shown in the yellow box below.


Please login or subscribe to get your VPN Account


4. Connect VPN
Slide the Connection On/Off switch to On to connect.

5. Once VPN is connected, simply load up the UK TV app of your choice if you have already downloaded the apps. When you finished watching, load up the Open VPN app and slide the Connection On/Off switch to Off.

For convenience OpenVPN connection can also be switched On/Off through Settings / VPN like any other VPN connection:

Problems connecting? – Try the alternative connection method below: