Mac OS X - OpenVPN (Tunnelblick)

Step 1. Download

Please login or subscribe to generate your download link

Download and Save "OpenVPN_nnnn.dmg" file and open it. (nnnn is your subscription Id)
If you are downloading with Safari web browser, the DMG file is in your Downloads folder.
Locate the "OpenVPN_nnnn.dmg" file and open it.

Double-click on the first file - Tunnelblick_3.6.9.dmg

Step 2.

A new window will come out - click on Tunnelblick to install or upgrade Tunnelblick.

Step 3.

Click Open when asked to.

At this point you may see a message like:

Which means there already is 'Deployed' version of Tunnelblick installed on your Mac.

Please run the Tunnelblick_Uninstaller first - otherwise Tunneblick cannot be installed or upgraded.

Step 4.

While installing Tunnelblick, you need to enter your admin user's credentials from time to time. The first time the admin credentials are needed to change the ownership and permissions of the Tunnelblick executables. Enter your admin credentials and click OK.

First run configuration dialogs are displayed

Step 5.

Click Don't Check.

Step 6.

Click Do not check for a change.

Step 7.

Click I have configuration files.

Step 8.

Click OK.

Install VPN Configurations

Step 9.

Back to "OpenVPN_nnnn.dmg" window - open VPN_Account.tblk by double-clicking it.

Step 10.

Tick Apply to all.
Click Only Me.

Step 11.

Enter you password and click OK.

Connect VPN

Find the Tunnelblick icon in your Mac Menu and click on it to reveal the Tunnelblick VPN Connections list.
The first option will connect to randomly selected UK VPN server.
If you prefer to connect to specific VPN server instead - coose one of the "Connect*" options.

A status window will appear showing the connection progress.
In few seconds it will turn from yellow to green. Congratulations! - you are now connected.

Disconnect VPN

If you wish to disconnect from the service all you need to do is click on the Tunnelblick icon and select Disconnect from the drop down menu. The connection status window colour will turn to red confirming VPN is disconnected.

Now you know how to Connect and Disconnect VPN, you can start your web browser and access the Internet freely an securely through our VPN servers. Enjoy!

Problems connecting? – Try the alternative connection method below: